Monday, April 8, 2013


I think I could of dun better on the essay if I really understood the book better and if we went over it more in class. If this assignment was more of an in class thing I think I would of got it more. But if your trusting me to read at home... It's more than likely not going to happen.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Theme for English 3

The poem compared to me is kinda different. I'm the one that would like a pipe for Christmas. I don't think my teachers think I'm the person they would expect. When I come to school I look. For people I know and just go straight to my class if I can't find them.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Young Goodman Brown

What did the pink bows symbolize?
Was Goodman Brown really dreaming?
Is Faith a witch?

Reflections week 1

1. The only thing that will affect my participation in this class is that i do not always have access to the internet.
2. My best learning experience was in history when Mr. Grissafi was talking about the revolution and he used problems with the issues students have with the the rules and how it effects us and how it was the same with the American Revolution. It helped me learn because it was something that related to me.
3. What i want to learn in this class is how English can help me with life because I want to learn about how it can benefit me. What i have learned is how i have the right to my own opinion and i have to make it known. I think this could make a difference in my life because i will be more open to talk and know how to approach it.

Socratic Seminar Notes

Though this post is late i was unable to get notes during the Socratic seminar because not many people stood up and talked about the story we read, including me.

Vocab Quiz Redux 1

The first time i was in Dr. Preston's class i didn't know what to expect. I asked everyone i knew and they never had him as a English teacher so i would have to find out myself. Before i went to his class i knew i had to be ascetic with everything. When i first walked into his room i saw a lot of bauble everywhere, but it still had a complementing look for the classroom. When Dr.Preston explained how he taught he didn't come off as a contumacious or curmudgeon kind of person. He had also explained how he everything he does was didactic, it almost sounded like a beguile. But as he talked more the respect level for him burgeoned and i adumbrated about how all my other English teachers never really had me thinking.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Earth on Turtles Back

The Earth on Turtles Back is more than just a myth, it has a life lesson. To me the tone Caring, the animals helped the sky women by picking up her and helping her create her own. Reading the story made me feel like a kid again.